Attention, Atom Smasher Supporters!

NOTE: This was an idea back in 2017, and is no longer being considered. I’m just leaving it up for the historical record! —6 May 2021.

The atom smasher needs your help

As you may know, Pfaffmann + Associates proposed the idea to move the Westinghouse atom smasher to the site of the new Forest Hills Municipal Building, but that proposal will depend entirely on fundraising and people willing to help. They recently posted this notice:

“Now that the Forest Hills New Municipal Building is underway, I [architect Rob Pfaffmann] am posting to remind anyone who can devote time and leadership on the future of the Atom Smasher need to step forward. We are willing to donate probono time on technical feasibility and budgeting, but if this is going to be successful we need residents, Westinghouse Alums, and others with experience in fundraising to step forward!”

— Posted on the New Forest Hills Municipal Building Facebook page.

So if anyone out there is interested and able to help out, or offer support in any way, please let them know asap!