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Atomic Confluence is inspired by the historic Westinghouse atom smasher and its current extremely precarious situation. “Confluence,” because it’s a ‘Burgh thing. And because this blog brings together a few main streams of discussion:

  • History of the Westinghouse Research Laboratories and Forest Hills, PA  (I would especially love to hear from people who worked at Westinghouse in Forest Hills or whose family members were employees!) and current events about the site’s redevelopment.
  • Early atomic era history
  • Industrial/historical archaeology and cultural heritage management

In view of the January 2015 tear-down of the atom smasher, this blog is a place for discussion about current news from the site and topics like local heritage and non-local pressures, reuse of industrial and atomic heritage sites, and preservation as an element of redevelopment.

And, as I stated at the end of my first post, as long as the atom smasher still sits there on its pile of rubble, this blog is about my belief that it should be repaired and put back in its original place—not as an impediment to progress, but as an integral, valuable part of the future.

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